Academic Performance

Teaching And Learning Programmes

Iganga High School has a well structured teaching and learning programme, constantly under review. The Deputy Headteachers charged with the office of Academics; Mr Nkwanga Chris, Mr Baganzi Paul and Mr  Nabongo Simon Peter, coordinate the Academic programmes and activities with the two Directors of Studies; Mr.Tigawalana Eriot and Mr Mulungwa Fred, together with the Heads of Department, and Subject Teachers monitor and carry out the teaching activities in the school. The class teachers and subject teachers account for the students’ academic performance at every level of the stream. We normally demand for this accountability during organized academic assemblies.

Our new approach to instruction paired with high level of a sense of good discipline inculcated into our learners has enabled them attain high quality education leading to improved academic performance at both ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level in both Arts and Sciences.

We have committed a lot of resources in improving academic performance. We however need more qualified and experienced staff, given our enrolment. We offer extra lessons in an attempt to complete the syllabi in time and continuously invite resource persons from other schools to help our students on question answering techniques. We are optimistic that the academic performance will steadily improve. Nothing will divert our commitment to the Struggle for Progress.

Remedial support programmes

Teachers continue to assist students with revision by going over marked exercises and tests. Class meetings have been introduced. They will continue to be held termly and parents are invited to check on their children’s academic progress and discuss with the teachers the students’ academic, discipline and general welfare. All parents are urged to attend class meetings in person for better discipline and academic performance of our students.

The termly assessment and evaluation programme consists of three sets of examinations, the beginning of term, middle term and end of term examinations. The promotional mark for ‘o’ level is 50% and that of the current S.5 class is under review to suit the number of subjects currently being offered at “A’ level.

In 2015/2016 we introduced and we are still emphasising the Accademic parenting programme where by each student choose atleast one teacher to be the school parent and in case of any problem like indiscipline cases, some inquiries and other matters arising the teacher chosen is the first to handle and provide solutions or way forward.

We are committed to doubling the 2011 performance this year.

Below is a summary of our academic performance in both UCE and UACE since 2006.

UCE Results

The Ordinary level Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results for the year 2011 were fair with 27 candidates passing in Division I and 72 candidates in Division II.


Year Number Of Candidates Per Division Missed Total Number
Of Candidates
2006 5 39 64 92 1 13 0 219
2007 10 39 51 68 7 4 0 180
2008 7 51 67 61 0 2 0 191
2009 10 52 82 114 0 6 0 264
2010 19 53 58 129 0 6 0 271
2011 27 72 80 79 1 1 0 264

Best Performed Candidates

Year Best Second Best
Name Aggregate Name Aggregate
2008 Muhwana serapio 19 Kibazo Abasi 24
2009 Kassenke Denis 15 Samanya simon 17
2010 Sajja Hakimu 15 Menya Andrew 15
2011 Magada Bashir 11 Wejuli Isaac 15

UACE Results

The performance of our Advanced Level class for the year 2011 was equally good. Out of a total number of 361 students who sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Examinations, 35 Scored four principle passes, 72 three principle passes and 77 scored two Principle passes; giving us a total of 184 students legible for university admission.


Year Number Of Candidates Per Number Of Principle Passes Missed Total Number
Of Candidates
2006 13 18 29 52 65 0 177
2007 19 32 46 90 36 0 223
2008 17 26 31 54 46 3 177
2009 18 46 77 69 64 4 278
2010 20 33 55 95 105 6 314
2011 35 72 77 92 85 3 361
2012 54 89 112 74 27 2 356

Best Performed Candidates

Year Sciences Arts
Name Grade Scores Points Name Grade Scores Points
2006 Waiswa Ronald 5ABCC 20 Mwase Keneth 6BBCD 18
2007 Matagala Charles BCBC 19 Wakate Saidhi CCCC 16
2008 Nsozi Prossy 7DCCD 14 Mukisa Daniel 5BDCB 18
2009 Mande Denis 2CDCE 14 Mpindi .W 4BCEC 16
2010 Kyakutwika Nelso 7CADC 17 Wabala Simon 2BDAB 20
2011 Odeke Stephen 19 Isusu Paul BBCA 21
2012 Kirunda Emmanuel 5AABC 22 Kakaire Erias 6BBAB 22


  • There is a general improvement in our academic performance.
  • There is an indication that our strategies are yielding results.
  • Science subjects have continued to improve.

UNEB Center Number U0078

Iganga High School is registered by UNEB (Uganda National Examination Board). The centre number is U0078. We have a sitting capacity of 499 candidates at ‘O’ level and 450 candidates at ‘A’ level.

We are also in charge of Iganga Hall whose centre number is U0904. It also has a sitting capacity of 250 candidates at both levels- ‘O’ and ‘A’.