Achievements & Short-term Strategic Plans

Achievements over the past 1 year
  • The projected budget for 2011 has so far been implemented.
  • The new boys dormitory block is nearing completion but under use.
  • Staff emoluments have continued to be paid promptly.
  • Students and staff have been fed
  • Students farewell party have was well facilitated
  • Study tours and trips have been funded.
  • Maintenance of school vehicles has been upheld.
  • Utility bill have been paid
  • Laboratory equipment procured.
  • Renovation started on
  • Shutting of storeyed building with metallic windows and window panes
  • Mini computer lab construction
  • New generator of 6KVA procured
  • Construction of a mini computer lab
  • Administrative meetings PTA Finance, Academic ,BOG staff been held
  • Students discipline has greatly transformed.
  • Purchase of more 10 Networked computers.
  • We have bought some text books
  • Renovation of school buildings.

Inspite of the unprecedented price increases, the school, in a hard way has continued to get value from the available resources.

Short-term strategic plans
  • Completing and furnishing the two storey multi-purpose block.
  • Equipping the computer laboratory with modern computers and installation of internet services.
  • Renovation of all old building (Floor, Verandahs, Painting, extending electricity to all classes)
  • Erecting and equipping 2 more laboratories in line with the Ministerial policy of promoting teaching of science as well as catering for our rising students enrolment.
  • Purchase of more furniture.
  • Improving quality of performance as well as reducing on the numbers of failures.
  • Maintain the big enrolment.
  • Maintaining a motivated staff.
  • Construction of a two storey classroom block.
  • Renovation of hostel for the boys.
  • Construction of a girls hostel.