Advanced Level Programme

Subjects offered

We offer both Science and Arts subjects at Iganga High School. We have a total of sixteen (16) subjects at our Advanced Level, three (3) of which are subsidiary and the rest principle.

The subsidiary subjects include General Paper, Subsidiary Computer Studies and Subsidiary Mathematics.
Effective 2012, a student must take exactly two (2) subsidiary subjects, the first being General Paper plus any other of the remaining two. The second is chosen in line with the Government Policy on A’level curriculum guidelines.

These include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Agriculture, Fine Art, History, Economics, Geography, Islam, Divinity, Entrepreneurship.
With effect from 2012, students must take exactly three (3) principle subjects in their subject combinations.

Government policy on ‘A’ level curriculum

In a bid to effect what was referred to as “Improvement in quality and efficiency in the delivery of Post ‘O’ level education through effective provision of teachers, pedagogical infrastructure and instructional materials”, the Government through the Ministry of Education and Sports (ref circular No.8/2011) reorganized the delivery of the curriculum at ‘A’ level secondary Education.

Starting with academic year 2012, all students admitted to senior five in all secondary schools are expected to offer three principle subjects and two subsidiary subjects. In addition to General paper, students are expected to choose either Subsidiary Mathematics for those who are not offering Principle Mathematics or Subsidiary Computer Studies as part of their ‘A’ level subject combination.