DOS’ Address To The Parents & Students Of S.2, 3 & 5 During The 28/09/2013 Class Day

Mr. Mulungwa Fred (Director Of Studies, Patron Patriotism Club, Patron Wazalendo)
Mr. Mulungwa Fred (Director Of Studies, Patron Patriotism Club, Patron Wazalendo)

Our Chief Guest,
Our beloved parents,
Colleagues in the struggle,
Students of Iganga High School,
Ladies and gentle men.

On behalf of Iganga High School and the directorate, I take this opportunity to welcome you all to this day and thank you very much for responding to this noble cause of our children.

These children are not far from being candidates as per their respective classes and year.

The directorate is very wide but let me take this opportunity to introduce to you the members in the office.

  1. Kasubo Rehema
  2. Muwayi Abdul
  3. Mulungwa Fred
  4. Nsadha Stephen

Why this day?

It is more of an interaction between the teachers and parents.

We thank you the parents for sending your children to Iganga High School, for paying their school fees and providing their necessary requirements.

 Academic programmes:

  • The staff is confident of their job
  • We have taught and coverage is good.
  • Revision has been done by the teacher to their students.
  • Academic programmes for the school include:
  • Morning extra lessons 00 – 700am
  • Morning extra lessons 00 – 800am
  • Normal time table lessons 00am – 4.40pm
  • Evening extra lessons 00pm – 6.00pm
  • Night prep lessons for boarders 00   – 10.00pm
  • Evaluation has been done in form of:
  • Testing
  • Beginning of term examinations
  • Mid term examinations
  • End of term examinations
  • SESEMAT examinations from the ministry.

Dear Parent, I thank you once again for entrusting us with your child.

Food for thought:

Dear Parent, if you leave the upbringing of your child to teachers alone; you should be prepared for the worst disappointment”.

All the students here were admitted in school officially in

  • 2 in 2012
  • 3 in 2011
  • 5 in 2013

and each one is aware of what grade he/she came with.

I thank all those who came with grade one to Iganga High School. I also thank the parents who brought their sons/daughters to Iganga Hish with grade one.


  • Poor fees payment
  • Irregular attendance because of lack of school fees
  • Self created challenges
  • Indiscipline students especially the new students
  • Dodging of lessons
  • Lack of notes in various subjects
  • Reporting late at school at the beginning of the term
  • Students who are not bothered to pick report cards at the end of the term
  • Lack of scholastic materials i.e. mathematical sets, log books, exercise books, calculators, graph books, reams of paper, dissecting kits, etc.
  • Poor attitudes towards school programmes i.e. lessons, tests, exams etc.
  • Group influence
  • Lack of concentration both at school and home.
  • Heavy grades
  • Influence of alcohol
  • Boy-girl relationship
  • Drugs i.e. Mairungi, bangi, kuba, etc.

Food for thought:

“If you hate education, try ignorance”


  • Team teaching
  • Continuous testing
  • Issuance of hand outs
  • Both internal and external seminars
  • Educational tours
  • Field work in geography
  • Art exhibition
  • Entrepreneurship skills      Accompanied by letters.
  • Computer/CD re-writable
  • Parents to provide text books to their children
  • Use of resource personnel (Most teachers are examiners)
  • Use of question banks
  • Continuous guidance and counseling
  • Class meeting are to be organized to address challenges
  • Pay abrupt visits to the academic office
  • Read circulars and reports of your child to be updated

NB: Dear Parent/guardian, we encourage you to attend class days and visitation days to ascertain the performance of your child. Visitation for this term is scheduled for 12th/10/2013.

Words of encouragement to the students:

  • Be hard working
  • Be respectful
  • Be faithful and trustworthy
  • Be God fearing
  • Be cooperative

I thank you Parents for honouring this day. Thank you very much and May God bless you all.

We struggle for progress!

Mulungwa Fred (Mr.)
Director of Studies.

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