DOS’ Speech During The 28/02/2015 Class Day For S.4 And S.6

Mr. Mulungwa Fred (Director Of Studies, Patron Patriotism Club, Patron Wazalendo)
Mr. Mulungwa Fred (Director Of Studies, Patron Patriotism Club, Patron Wazalendo)

Our chief guest,
Beloved parents,
Colleagues in the struggle,
Ladies and gentlemen

On behalf of our beloved school and the office of academics, I take this opportunity to thank you (parents) very much for responding to the noble cause of our dear candidates 2015.

Time has come to judge the stakeholders of this school. Now that we are together (our dear parents, teachers and students), its our humble request that we put together our heads and pave way for the success of these innocent Ugandans.

Dear parents; we as staff of Iganga High School, thank you greatly for choosing this school as your number one choice, we therefore thank you for entrusting us with your children and thank you for paying school fees .

To the students; I believe we are addressing the right people who were admitted here in 2012 for S.4 and 2014 for S.6 students. Every student here is aware of what grade you came with while joining this school. This implies that you either have to defend your grade or improve where you are weak.

Dear Parent we have had challenges as regards poor performance of your children and this is due to indiscipline i.e

  • Irregular attendance
  • Coming late at school daily
  • Boy-girl relationship
  • Influence of alcohol
  • Lack of concentration both at home and at school
  • Heavy grades
  • Lack of notes in various subjects
  • Group influence
  • Dressing styles i.e balancing, piped uniforms, haircuts etc

However the school has come up with a number of strategies in order to assist these candidates and these include:

  • Galla teaching (team teaching)
  • Continuous testing
  • Issuance of handouts
  • Resource personel
  • Use of question banks
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Academic parenting
  • Educational tours like art, field work, entrepreneurship, patriotism, computers accompanied by letters

Requirements for candidates

  • Full school fees
  • Full registration fee
  • Departmental requirements
  • JAB/PUJAB for S.6
  • Photo collection form (PCF)
  • Registration begins in March 2015

Visitation Day

This will take place on 14th March, 2015 please endeavour to come and check on your child.

I thank you all our Dear parents

“Struggle for Progress”



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