Evaluation & Assessment

It is through testing and examinations that we can evaluate the teaching/learning process and establish the weaknesses and strengths of our learners. If properly administered, this is an affective tool that enables us, the teachers, to evaluate our methodology and techniques of instruction for purposes of corrective action.

In this regard we have ensured that our learners sit at least three (3) sets of timetabled examinations every term. These include Begnning of Term, Mid-Term and End of Term Examinations. Beginning of Term Examinations carry 100%, Mid Term Examinations 100% and End of Term Examinations carry 100%. Nevertheless, teachers are free to test the learners as often as possible at their convenience.

After each set of Examinations, we analyse the results and hold an academic assembly with an aim of releasing the results to the learners and also reveal to them their strengths and weaknesses. At the end, the average marks are computed out of 100% and the overall students’ performance established.