Fees Structure and Requirements

Our fees structure was design to enable all Ugandan Children attain the best secondary education at a low cost. The dues are affordable to almost every Ugandan parent who has a feeling that the education of his/her child is of great value to such a child. The table and sections next give a brief highlight of our fees structure.
 Class Day Boarding
New Continuing New Continuing
S.1, 2, 3 & 5 350,600/= 254,600/= 604,600/= 604,600/=
S.4 & 6 350,600/= 304,600/= 604,600= 604,600/=


NOTE: Students should deposit atleast half of the school dues before reporting for the Beginning of Term.

Other School Requirements
  1. Pass port sized photo graphs at 5,000/= for S.1, S2, S3 & S.5, and 8,000/= for candidates.
  2. 3 reams of photocopying paper for all students per year.One ream each term.
  3. 15 black books, 2 graph books, a mathematical set, 10 pens and 3 pencils.
  4. School uniform is provided at school i.e. one trouser and one shirt boys, one skirt and one blouse for girls, a tie and school badge at 65.000/= paid at school.
  5. School sweater 25,000= paid at school.
  6. Black belt 6,000/= paid at school
  7. Black short heeled shoes, white stocking for girls at 5,000/= paid at school and grey stripped stocking for boys.
  8. All new students MUST report with their recommendations, pass slip or recent report cards.
  9. A’ Level science students contribute 20,000 towards their practicals.
Personal Requirements for Boarding/Hostel Students
  1. Out of class uniform (girls) – 28,000=.
  2. Out of class uniform (boys) – 15,000=.
  3. Mattress, Blanket and Bed sheets.
  4. Mosquito Net
  5. Night dress (girls)
  6. Torch
  7. Tooth brush and tooth paste
  8. Cup, plate, fork and spoon.
  9. 20 litter jerrican, bucket and basin.
  10. Bathing soap and sponge
  11. At least 2 bars of washing soap
  12. At least 2Kg of Sugar
  13. Slippers, shoes, shoe polish, shoe brush and stockings.
  14. A dozen of knickers (girls), and at least half a dozen of underpants for boys.
  15. Knicker/underpart peg
  16. Sanitary pads (girls)
  17. A packet of Razor Blades/Shaver
  18. Counter books, Calculator, Pens and Mathematical set

NOTE: New boarding students need to present a medical form from a recognized doctor to prove that the student was thoroughly checked.

NOTE: Students who do not comply with the above shall be sent home immediately.


School fees should be paid though the Bank. No cash payments are allowed at the school. ‘O’ Level students bank in Bank of Baroda while ‘A’ Level students bank in Stanbic Bank. Remember to include a Bank Charge of Shs. 3,000/= every time you take money to the Bank.

Fees Bank Slips are obtainable at the respective Bank Branches of Iganga, that is, Bank of Baroda – Iganga and Stanbic Bank – Iganga.

UNEB Registration

UNEB registration fees is currently Shs.119,500/= for ‘O’ Level and Shs.109,500/= for ‘A’ Level.

Normal registration begins on 1st January and ends on 15th April. Late registration ends 15th May and attracts a surcharge of 50% of the total registration fee. Under protest fee is Shs.50,000/= per paper. Transfer fee, if authorized, is Shs.150,000/=.

All UNEB registration fees should be paid through Stanbic Bank after clearing all the school dues. Bank slips are obtainable from the Bursar’s Office.

Contact the Accounts Section

For further inquiries about our fees structure, please feel free to contact our Accounts Section by phone on +256 (0) 752 306 385, +256 (0) 772 686 662 or by e-mail on accounts@igangahigh.sc.ug

Below is our dear deputy headteacher in charge of school fees,Mr.Mwesigwa Paul