Great Minds are Caused

Great Minds are Caused

The world has got many sung and unsung heroes who have registered tremendous achievements.   We have read about them in history and the things they did that made them famous throughout the world.  We have also seen and heard about them. However, the journeys they trekked to get to the great height is immeasurable and not as easy as we may think. I could say that it was all about sacrificing oneself in so many ways, committing to the things they wanted to do and being loyal to their superiors.  By seeing and reading through their teachers and parents’ works and actions, the greatness that God bestowed on them blossomed like a flower to the admiration and service of the people world over.The names of these people have been mentioned time and again.

Plato, founder of the first institution of higher learning in the western world is known to have been a devoted student of Socrates. He was a great philosopher and author.  Nelson Mandela is known for having fought against the apartheid system and bringing equality in South Africa.  He encouraged peace and reconciliation amongst the people which earned him a noble prize and recognition. The prize winner was influenced by Mahtma Ghandi’s beliefs of non violence. Ghandi is a former prime minister of India who employed non violent resistance which ushered in independence from the British.

The question is, who inspired Mahtma Ghandi?  It was the Russian writer,Tolstoy who is regarded as one of the greatest authors of his his book: The kingdom of God is within you. He expressed ideas of non resistance. He too must have been influenced by another great mind that this space does not permit mentioning.  Let’s talk about the founder of our famous Facebook App, Mark Zuckerberg. He says that he was influenced by Bill Gates. We cannot forget our gallant Ugandan sons and daughters; Winnie Byanyima; an Aeronautical engineer and Executive Director of UNAIDS. She was inspired by her father.  The current speaker of parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga and the list is endless, all had people they looked up to and were mentored to become great personalities.   

As you read this article, take off time to think about who you are, what you would wish to be and which people inspire you most. This could be the beginning of your journey to greatness.

The attitude you have towards things and issues matters a lot. When you are positive expect a positive out-come and if you are negative everything will be negative.Do things the right way even when nobody is looking at you.When the school puts in place skips for garbage collection do not expect supervision.  You should not break the rules and regulations that govern the school.  Respect the parents and guardians by appreciating the effort they put in to ensure that you acquire good education.  This can compel them to pay and clear all school dues in time, provide scholastic materials and other necessities. Respect yourself in way of dress, conduct, speech and action. Attend classes regularly and avoid making unnecessary noise while in and outside class. The food we eat is very vital in the development of the mind and stature. It is the reason why any sensible school prepares meals for students. Forfeiting the meals is regarded as self-defeating behavior. Extensive reading will give you a platform to interact with personalities who have done wonders. You should therefore mind to improve your reading culture.  Great minds are caused by what may seem trivial but in actual sense the main ingredients.

One thing to note is that greatness does not begin at an advanced age and that is why schooling begins as early as the age of three years. This gives the teacher a very big role to play. It is not what we tell our learners to do but what we do that inspires them.

Our dear students, be submissive to your parents and teachers for they hold your future. Everybody is as great as their belief.

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