Headteacher’s Address To The Candidates Class Day Meeting 28/2/2015

Mr. Waiswa Ben Godfrey (Head Teacher)
Mr. Waiswa Ben Godfrey (Head Teacher)

Dear Parents, Guardians, Guardian

Noble Colleagues,
Our beloved students,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

We are privileged to warmly welcome you to this decisive very important meeting; Greetings to you all. We do thank you for your physical presence, Let us pray that you consciously remain present from today until results are received in February 2016.

Success is self explanatory, failure is very tedious and boring, it calls for a lot of unanswered questions unexplainable excuses, shifts of blame, raise very many reasons yet with no pay.

Dear friends, if we do not look forward and plan, we shall look back and regret.

Who is to plan? Who is to succeed? All of us must play our role, Responsibly, carefully, diligently and consciously, because at times students tend to forget are ignorant and are adamant.

We occasionally  coerce them , explain and drag them as some continuously get bored with complaints. Unfortunately when results are out few come to thank us.

This moment therefore is  very important to remind ourselves that success and achievement is a continuous process of life not a destination.

It is dangerous and risky to be satisfied with past success.2013 is not 2014.

Success is journey, continuous hard work with faith, miracles are produced. The academic environment determines our flow of ideas, thinking, knowledge and performance.


We can do better, the quality of our achievement will depend on what we wisely choose to do in order to exploit our potential. All S.4’s are potential Grade one material and all S.6’s are potential University students.

Our challenge is the quality of grade and what combination or course at the next stage.

Let us look forward for better ways and move forward. Yesterday’s solutions may not solve today’s challenges.

We listen to what others say but take informed decision. 2015 needs our resourcefulness. If we are to produce consistently impressive results.

For us your elders, we are focusing on offering you the best services that we can afford. Believe in us, believe in yourself and quality results must be with us. Be selective about the people you interact with in this academic struggle.

Never relax ,never listen to sympathizers, excuses. That is never a solution and affects results.

Candidates, the quality of any relationship should be determined by the contribution it makes to your results.

You must pay the price to success. Be true to yourself , listen to the quality advice from your teachers/parents/guardians.

Success cannot be got if students live recklessly; ‘First thing must come first in life (Mt 6:33) Pray for strength, health, wisdom, protection, discernment for success.

A focused student cannot be stopped by anything, (Mountains! Beauty! Poverty, fatigue ) No way, remain focused all those troubles will be nothing to what awaits you and that is success. The joy of success is very sweet.

Mind your business/studies; the wrangles of your parents are nothing compared to the solution you will offer to them in future.

Look for commitment, integrity, discipline, cooperation and team work. Be success driven rather than temporally happiness/joy.

Refrain from mere existing, management of your time is self management


Dear Parents/Guardians, your presence, your patience is a living testimony to the importance you attach to education as a fundamental right. Your presence adds value and wisdom to our candidates.

Glory be to God for the harmonious existence we have enjoyed since 2012 and 2014 when the S.4s and S.6’s joined our Iganga High School family respectively.

We are humbled by the selfishness commitment and efforts in provision of school and personal requirements to our students despite the harsh and changing economic, social ,political environment.

We do commend you for the support and call upon the few who delay to clear the school requirements and to provide personal effects to their children.

We pray for you daily. May God help you Amen

We thank all those who contributed towards the success of 2014. Any success or achievement registered in life is a  challenge . Let us not relax and jubilate for the success of 2014 candidates and parents.

Success is shared responsibility. Parents play your role. Parenting goes beyond payment of school dues and personal requirements; take initiative to find out what happens to your child at school.  Find out your child’s learning problems .Some of them are very lazy, some of your children are carrying burdens from your homes, step mothers , the girl children with uncles etc.

If you can, dear elders , avoid involving children in your personal social problems.

The road to success is not smooth, it is up hilly with thorns’.

Those to triumph are those determined.

Iam quite certain and optimistic that you sacrifice to provide the best for your children.

When you get to our teachers , let us discuss what can help a student, Not other irrelevance

Proverb 9:7

  • Correct a fool (mocker) and you make an enemy
  • Rebuke a wicked man, you get insult in return
  • Do not rebuke and he will Love you for it
  • Be open to the wise , he/she grows wiser still
  • Teach a virtuous person, he will learn yet more
  • Are you wise , it is to your advantage.
  • A fool , mocker? The burden is yours alone

Thank you very much for coming.

Let us work for a bright Iganga High School.

For God and My country.