Today Saturday  18th-03-2017 finally has come and Jubilee celebrations held well of Iganga High School. Finally His Excellency Y.K Museven has been represented by Honourable Esther Mbayo the Minister of  presidency and the Honourable MP for Luuka District.It has not been his make but because of the Untimely Death of the AIGP .Andrew Filex Kaweesi who was shot dead and other state issues has made him unable to come and instead sent in his minister of presidency to represent him. He has given in a contribution of 30,000,000/= cash (Thirty millions ugandan shillings only), honourable Mugema Panado of Iganga Municipality also 1,000,000/= cash to the science labolatory and another one million for abull for the students, Honourable Kaudha Hailat also 500,000/= cash, Hon.katende from Mayuge also 200,000/= cash and also Honourable Kaluya andrew 500,000/=. Plus other delegates . All these contributions were made towards the planned construction of a modern science labolatory at Iganga High School. Thank you alot for your generous contributions towards the development of Iganga high school. Long live our dear headteacher Mr.Waiswa Ben Godfrey, Chairperson PTA Hajji Walubi and chairperson BOG MR.Wamulo, parents, Teachers, support staff,security agencies, district administerators and politicians not forgtting our dear students.

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