Hostel Facilities


Due to the ever improving standards of living in our hostels, a number of parents have picked interest in bringing their children to our hostels. By the end of last term, we had a total of 507 learners in our hostels, 313 of whom were boys and the remaining 194 were girls.

Hostel students population 2012
Class Male Female Total
S.1 66 45 111
S.2 39 35 74
S.3 39 37 76
S.4 51 36 87
S.5 59 11 70
S.6 59 30 89
Total 313 194 507

Girls Hostel

The girls’ hostel was (in 2012) transferred from outside to the interior of the school campus. Our hostel girl students therefore reside within the school campus.

To ensure privacy and safety of the girl child in our hostels, we installed an opaque fencing system around the hostel in addition to the entire campus fence.

These girls are taken care of by Ms Nabirye Hasifa who serves as the Matron.

Boys Hostel

The school owns a piece of land outside the school campus, about 80 meters to the North-East of the school. This is the premises for the boys hostel. The premises has three (3) blocks for the hostels. It is also fenced. It is installed with electricity, stand-by generator, water facilities and tight security system.

These boys are taken care of by the Warden, Mr. Gitta Denis who is also the Hostel Master.

Night Preps

Besides the normal prep revision, we have a special night programme for our hostel students. The normal personal revision runs from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. This is followed by guided revision from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.

Under tight supervision and security, our boys are led from their hostels to school for prep revision and then back when done.

Special appreciation goes to all staff members who have supported and ensured success of this programme.