ICT Department


The department is headed by Ms Kwagala Juliet, a qualified graduate teacher of Information and Communication Technology, and Commerce. In addition, she is the incharge PIASCY and World Starts with me programmes. She is also the class teacher of Senior One Blue.

The department has a second member, Mr Bakaywike Naigedde Hasan, a qualified graduate teacher of Information and Communication Technology plus Mathematics, who in addition serves as the school’s ICT Manager and Webmaster.

We also have a Computer Prefect, Kasule Paul of Senior Five Arts (S.5.A) plus the Assistant Computer Prefect, Hawa Jamal of Senior Three Green (S.3.G).

Computer Skills

We ensure that every student who goes through Iganga High School attains atleast the basic computer skills. Computer Studies is compulsary in Senior one and two. A student can then decide whether to continue with in Senior three and four or not. By third term of Senior two, we are atleast sure that the students have the basic knowledge and skills in Computer use.

Also, given the Government Policy on the ‘A’ level curriculum, all ‘A’ level students with Mathematics in their subject combinations are supposed to take subsidiary Computer Studies. Nevertheless, the computer laboratories are also open to students who don’t offer the subject as a way of promoting computer literacy.

In a bid to promote the use of Information and Communications Technology to solve problems, we also ecnourage our learners to complete academic assignments using the Internet facility we have in our computer laboratories.

Computer laboratories

We have two mini-computer labories with 40 (fourty) and 20 (twenty) networked computers respectively. These are open for use by both students and staff members (teaching and non-teaching). All computers at the school campus including those in the two laboratories and those in the various offices, are connected to the world wide network of computer networks,the Internet. This has enhanced research and communication.

We are also at the final stages of constructing our two-storey multipurpose block, part of which will form the ICT laboratory. We project this to be the best ICT laboratory in the region.

Head of Department
Ms Kwagala Juliet
Mobile : (+256) 782290490,
(+256) 701648789
E-mail : ict@igangahigh.sc.ug
ICT Manager/Webmaster
Mr Bakaywike Naigedde Hasan
Mobile : (+256) 784700268, 752441564
E-mails: webmaster@igangahigh.sc.ug