ICT Skills Club

Objectives Of The Club

  • To increase students’ abilities in information and Communication Technology.
  • To allow students to use their skills in developing Information and Communication Technology within and outside the school environment.
  • To encourage students to help in the setting up of ICT in the classroom.
  • To facilitate more student-teacher relationships in the ICT department.
  • To strengthen togetherness among students who are interested in ICT.
  • To raise funds for acquiring resources necessary for the ICT department at the school.

Club Executive 2014/2015:

Congratulations to the following members upon their victory as leaders for the Club for the academic yaer 2014/2015.

  1. Kasule Herbert – Chairperson
  2. Abio Vicky  – Vice Chairperson
  3. Mutesi Mary – Secretary
  4. Oger Emmanuel – Public Relations Officer
  5. Namakika Diana – Treasurer
  6. Kaboodha    faizo – A level representative
  7. Kawala   Phionah – O level representative

“Developing minds through ICT”