Iganga High School gets holidays To day 23rd-08-2017


The day browned bright just like any other usual day in a week as the dear Fatherly  Headteacher Mr.Waiswa Ben Godfrey addressed the entire community of Iganga High school as they set off for a short holidays yesterday 23rd-08-2017.A lot was addressed by him and in summary he said,When ever one is dealing with him self, should use his/her head and when ever dealing with some one else, should use the heart.He further congratulated the entire staff of the school upon successfully reaching the climax of term two, he much thanked the cooks, compound cleaners and askaris. He said all students and who ever belongs to the school is an ambassador of the school and should represent it as well as defending it in all circumstances. He finally wished every one a nice holiday but students should not sit and relax more so candidates classes s.4 and s.6. The deputy head teachers ,Mr.Nabobgo Simon peter and Mr.Muwayi Abdul also added on the voice to the previous speakers

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