Iganga High School Teams up for Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 18th/03/2017


It has been a so long Journey to Treek since 1967 upto this going new year 2017 in the history of Iganga High School. ”For a growing tree, it goes through many challenges from its early stage up to the time of bearing fruits”, just as it undergoes, even Iganga High School has surpassed many but as a strong stone under its managements it has under gone, many developmental programmes have been handled very well like from the year 2011 under the Administration of Mr.Waiswa Ben Godfrey, Academics has improved where by 2014 34 first grades, 2015 75 first grades and 2016 73 first grades were got, Big number of students have been enrolled,new structures like classes have been built, many Teachers have been appointed, promotion of ICT by buying more computers, renovating the school computer laboratory, latrines built, offices expanded, teachers’ welfare improved, New school bus purchase in order, Boys hostel improved, steered building which can accommodate more than 3000 students¬† in progress, prep lessons o

n, extra lessons on, weekly and months tests on, new school caravan van in place among many others. among others.

There fore for the many achievements gained and in the process and even reaching its full 50 years in existence, That is why it has organized this anniversary Jubilee celebrations in this year 2017. Long live Iganga High School, The best academic center for excellence “Struggle for progress”


  • Blood donations -13th-Monday 2017
  • cleaning of the municipal and Islamic Health Center 14th-03-2017
  • Charity walk -15th-Wednesday 2017
  • Tree panting (District Head Quarters, Nawanyinji S/county Headquarters) 16th-03-2017
  • Main celebrations with Chief Celebrant as H.E. The president¬† of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museven.


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