Iganga High School under prepations for the Jubilee Celebration (50 years )

Many activities are taking place at the High school in the country as in serious prepations for the Jubilee celebrations due on Saturday-18th/03/2017

some of the pictures are here.

Girls Hostel in construction which is to accommodate more than 3000 students.

New school bus in the process to add on the school Costa bus, Lorry, caravan min bus, school van among others.

Boys’ hostel upgraded and even new buildings completed.

Increased enrollment in the number of students and teachers.

New steered building new the gate being completed and under maintenance. This comprises of more that 28 class rooms and offices of different departments.

Computer laboratory improved and more purchased evidenced by the teacher below conducting ICT lesson.

All these and more have been possible under the strong and courageous Head teacher Who is non other than         Mr. Waiswa Ben Godfrey since his starting year of 2011.

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