International Schools Partnership

Iganga High School Staff With Colleagues From UK
Iganga High School Staff With Colleagues From UK

Iganga High School has established a working relationship with William Parker School in the United Kingdom. The partnership between the two schools is growing from strength to strength as we already in full-time contact.

We hosted a delegation of staff and students from William Parker School in February 2009. We have been able to share some curriculum ideas and educational material as well. We shall continue to welcome schools from all over the world for the purpose of international educational collaboration.

Iganga High School has always been among the Ugandan schools that participate in the International Youths Conference at Jinja Discovery Center. The UK schools include William Parker School, Compion, Chenderit and Roade.

A wide range of global issues that cut across the human race are discussed by the enthusiastic and energetic youths who look proud of being global citizens. The teachers use the opportunity to develop joint curriculum projects that can help to strengthen the link between the UG-UK schools.

Linking up with the rest of the world is being done in recognition that the education we are dispensing to our children can match with the education that is received elsewhere in the international schools.

Our mission in this venture is to promote cordial educational relationships between students of all nations, while other objectives are exchange of educational programmes, exchange of students visits, equipping of libraries, laboratories and I.C.I centers, and to do any other thing that enables the school to achieve its vision.

It’s by having a global out look to the issues around us that we may be able to cope up with the challenges of today.