Motto, Mission, Vision, Theme, Core Values & Aims


“Struggle for Progress”


“To equip the individual with Knowledge and skills for self reliance”


“To create a well balanced individual able to meet the Challenges of the ever changing world”

Years’ Themes

Time is a non-renewable resource and its management is critical to success. Knowing this, we set a theme for every year and this has helped us in achieving our academic targets. Our themes for the difference years since 2013 are:

2014: “What changes Iganga High School changes the whole world”.

2013: The general Theme for the year  2013 was “To become the best school in Uganda”. But the specific theme hidden under the above is “Quality time on task”.

Core values

We are driven at this school by professionalism, discipline, integrity and insatiable desire for excellence. Our major focus is making Iganga High school a center of excellence for secondary Education in Busoga, the Eastern region and at one time in Uganda, with competitive academic and co-curricular programme in line with our vision and mission.

In so doing, we shall continue putting emphasis on the interfacing of the parents, students and teachers, the triangle of success.


  • To prepare our students so that they can meet the ever increasing global challenges.
  • To create equal opportunities for all students and develop each individual’s talent to full potential.
  • To offer affordable quality education for equity purpose and accessibility.