Ordinary Level Programme

Subjects offered

We offer both Science and Arts subjects at Iganga High School. We have a total of fourteen (14) subjects at our Ordinary Level, seven (7) of which are compulsory and the rest optional in S.3 and S.4.


In S.1 and S.2, all subjects are compulsory. In S.3 and S.4, only seven subjects are compulsory. The student may then add on any other subjects, not exceeding an overall of ten (10) subjects. The compulsory subjects that must be offered by all students include English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, and History.

The optional subjects from which a student may choose include Computer Studies, Agriculture, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Fine Art, Islamic Religious Education (IRE), Christian Religious Education (CRE), Kiswahili and Literature A student may choose a maximum of three (3) subjects not to exceed the overall of ten (10)