Our Origins

Present day Iganga High School was started way back in 1967 as Vithalidas Haridas Primary School by Asians living in Uganda at the time. It later became a secondary school in the name of Vithalidas Haridas Secondary School. With the expulsion of Asians in 1972, the school was allocated to Mr H.E Kibuuka and Mr. S. Mulumba.

It later was handed over to government in 1976 and it was then that it dropped the primary school status and the Indian name to become IGANGA HIGH SCHOOL. It was elevated to an ‘A’ level school status in 1986.

Being a government school, the government of Uganda paid the teachers’ salaries and financed development
expenditure until 2007 when government policy changed. It now pays only the teachers’ salaries. The running costs and infrastructural development rests on parents.


Since its foundation, the school has been led by a number of Head Teachers. These are summarised in the table below:

No. Name Time
1) Mr S.W.Abdalla 1972 – 1975
2) Mr Herbert Ssemombwe 1975 – 1976
3) Mr.T.L.K.Bayige 1976 – 1995
4) Mrs P.N.N Lujwala 1995 – 2002
5) Mrs Sarah Priscilla Pande 2003 – 2005
6) Mr Kaima Daniel 2005 – 2011
7) Mr Waiswa Godfrey 2011 to date

Why We Remember Them

Mr. T.L.K. Bayige (RIP) was the first government posted headteacher and so far the longest serving head teacher in the school, having headed it for 19 years. At the time he assumed office, the school had only one six-classroom block. It accommodated all the classes since day secondary schools at the time, were run in two sessions. Thus, some classes attended in the morning while others came in the
afternoon. The staffroom and administration offices were rented rooms in the neighborhood.

The ministry of education later funded the construction of another 6-classroom block and three 2- room laboratories. This helped the school to expand. Credit here goes to the late Mr. Bayige for implementing government policy and putting development funds to purpose, even at a time when the institution of Inspectorate of Government was not as vigilant as it is today.

When Mrs. P.N.N Lujwala- now headteacher of PMM Girls School, Jinja- took over office, she began by fencing the school. Right in the middle of the compound was a very busy road. This was a shortcut connecting Bugumba ward to the centre of the town. Obviously, the road was hazardous to the school environment. Certainly, the students in class could get torn between two: the teacher in front of them and the road that flanked their classrooms.

With a vision to create a better learning environment and uplift the standard of the school, Mrs Lujwala quickly thought of fencing the school with chain link wire to check the tresspassing. This earned her unspeakable criticism from the public. Having been a new person in the community, she was expected to uphold the saying: ‘When you go to Rome, do as the Romans.’ But to her, not when things seemed upside down. It was during her time that the present administration block was constructed. We thank her for her tremendous effort in building the image of Iganga High School. In

2003, the now retired Mrs. Sarah Priscilla Pande came into office. She headed the school for only 2 years and bowed out of civil service. Hardly had she fully opened Students queue for lunch up her package for the school when the contract was over. However, she kept the candle burning. Iganga High community is grateful to her for the contribution.

In 2005 Mr. Daniel Douglas Kaima assumed office. By then, typewriters were used for office work. At the moment all offices are equipped with computers, plus other highly sophisticated equipment that process and produce examinations and other documents in big volumes.
Among many other achievements, he initiated the provision of lunch at school. Nonetheless, his predecessors had also tried to convince the parents in vain. To convince them successfully, the students were fed for a whole year without them paying a single coin. This tactical handling of the issue of feeding compelled the parents to take it up and later started making contributions willingly. It has since been maintained and improved.

This long-awaited school website which was first published in 2012 and later redesigned in 2015, disassociates itself from Artiste Jose Chameleon’s ‘Basiima ogenze’ club. That is why we cannot avoid to say that Mr Waiswa Ben Godfrey – the current head teacher, has not only facilitated the establishment and maintenance of the school’s online presence, but has given the school structures a general renovation and facelift, among other projects.

To all the above, a huge THANK YOU.