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DOS’ Speech During The 28/02/2015 Class Day For S.4 And S.6

Our chief guest, Beloved parents, Colleagues in the struggle, Students, Ladies and gentlemen On behalf of our beloved school and the office of academics, I take this opportunity to thank you (parents) very much for responding to the noble cause of our dear candidates 2015. Time has come to judge the stakeholders of this school. Now that we are together (our dear parents, teachers and students), its our humble request…


Headteacher’s Address To The Candidates Class Day Meeting 28/2/2015

Dear Parents, Guardians, Guardian Noble Colleagues, Our beloved students, Ladies and Gentlemen. We are privileged to warmly welcome you to this decisive very important meeting; Greetings to you all. We do thank you for your physical presence, Let us pray that you consciously remain present from today until results are received in February 2016. Success is self explanatory, failure is very tedious and boring, it calls for a lot of…


DOS’ Address To The Parents & Students Of S.2, 3 & 5 During The 28/09/2013 Class Day

Our Chief Guest, Our beloved parents, Headteacher, Colleagues in the struggle, Students of Iganga High School, Ladies and gentle men. On behalf of Iganga High School and the directorate, I take this opportunity to welcome you all to this day and thank you very much for responding to this noble cause of our children. These children are not far from being candidates as per their respective classes and year. The…