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  • Independence day celebrations at Iganga High School

Iganga High School to buy a new school Bus

come what may a bus must be bought. This was discussed about During the annual general meeting which took place in September of this year 2016. It has been longtime since Iganga High school has been using only a school Costa,lorry,school van and Sahara van but due to the new renovations and tireless work being headed by Mr.Waiswa Ben Godfrey the head teacher and school committees, they have decided to…


Iganga High School Attends Workshop in South Africa

” Educating Africa’s Children as away of Opening the Getaway to Global Citizenship !!!!” Time come and time go, but it was a good moment when our school Iganga High went for a workshop. It was on 23rd/09/2016 when Mr.Waiswa Ben Godfrey left Uganda for a workshop in South Africa. While there a lot was discussed about Uganda’s Education system and the children in the Education system.Many Headteachers attended including…


Iganga High School constructs a new hostel

It was yesterday 12th-10-2016 when the BOD executive members of Iganga High toured around the school in preparations for the s.4 candidates and other school programmes like the  on going constructions of  stirred  building which is to accommodate more than 1000 children (girls). during the tour the headteacher and his staff were thanked a lot for their tremendous efforts towards educating the students of Iganga High School as a whole…