Patron Patriotism Club

Patron Patriotism Club

Let me take this opportunity to thank the management and staff Iganga High School for the wonderful service offered to our students. I am honoured yet to have a chance of interacting with the jambula family.

Patriotism is intended to enable the young generation to understand the fundamental problem facing Uganda, East Africa and schools in particular.

In schools, it is intended to target the large number of students to get a dose of ideological orientation.

Last year 2019, the school trained 720 students both in S.I and S.5.

Our main aim as before is to ensure that we make these students understand the challenges and be able to transform this school into an integrated institution in academic, discipline and other wise.

Still during the training, learners are informed about school programmes so as to be able to assess their successes and failure before they leave at the end of their 4th and 6th year respectively.

During the training session, the learners are taught how to behave in public in moral values. They are taught how to maintain a talking compound with messages demonstrating patriotism values.

They are taught the patriotic values e.g I love Uganda, I love Iganga High School etc.

They are taught the National Anthems, Wimbo wa Taifa, East African Anthem etc.

Tree planting activities.

Keeping the school clean by eliminating polythen bags.

Mulungwa Fred

Patron Patriotism / D.O.S II

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