At Iganga High School, we embrace freedom of worship. Students and staff members are allowed to worship according to their religious denominations. We are as such so grateful to all religious denominations for the time accorded to our students.

Sunday masses and prayer are held by the priests. Friday prayers are conducted for the Muslim students and teachers. Muslim students are also attended to on Sundays as the rest of the students go for prayers. All this is coordinated by the Deputy Head Teacher’s office.

This has helped us to improve on morality, spirituality as well as reduced escapism due to redundancy.

As a reflection for the freedom of worship at Iganga High School, we have a number of religious associations at the school to bring together members of any given religious denomination. These include:

  • Iganga High Muslim Students Association
  • The Scripture Union
  • The Catholic Community

For details about an association (History, Aims & Objectives, Leadership – Patron & Council, Achievements, Future plans, Message to members and the outside world), click its name above.