”Run while young you will walk while old”IMG-20160131-WA0010

is our  year’s Theme 2016.

We are so previllaged to the society in which we operate from, for the courage, comfort, advise, financial support,moral support and other services rendered to our school. At Iganga High school we promote discipline, academic excellence, leadership skills and resourceful members of of the society.

it was on Sunday -09-10-2016 when our prefects and all clubs’ executives  handled over powers to the new incoming leaders while as other staff members attended the National Independence celebrations in Luuka District. As our Theme for the year says “RUN WHILE YOUNG YOU WILL WALK WHILE OLD” We have decided to do things in time.Just because  of the much cooperation with all offices in the school both from lower levels to the highest levels.Students have been taught time management as the key to success of every thing in the world for example arriving in class on time,preps,exercises,meals,form periods. As they say work without play makes Tom a dull boy, at-least every Wednesday there is   form periods,every Friday sports and games, clubs associate among others.

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