Scouts Club

This is one of the oldest and most active clubs in the school. It does a lot of voluntary work especially when emergencies arise. It has worn several district trophies and successfully participated in national competitions at the traditional Kaazi camping site. This has been due to students’ commitment and the core values of scouts gained.

The scouts motto: “Be prepared” has helped our students in various aspects of life like being disciplined, excelling in academics, engaging in team work, conserving the environment and endure with varoius hardships that characterise human life.

Our students have learnt to be creative, practice cleanliness and engaged in ways of preventing HIV/AIDS. The scouts club members have been taught about the influence of peer groups and how it may affect their lives. They have also done voluntary activities like cleaning the school compound and the area around the school.

Our club has continued to excel because we have realised that there is need to be united and have constant meetings, considering the fact that it is impossible to have the fruits unless the roots are taken care off.