Staff Welfare & Development

Staff Welfare

The staff welfare is catered for by facilities put in place by the P.T.A executive, and Board of Governors to ensure that teachers and support staff have a conducive working environment and for all these we are most grateful.

The packages are so far are top-up P.T.A allowance, housing allowance, duty allowances appreciation for academic scores as well as responsibility held.

Considering the kind of Iganga High school we intend to see the rates paid are still low and yet we want to introduce fees subsidy once a term, electricity/fuel subsidy and a food basket . The success of this has got financial implication that calls for your guidance.

Staff Development Programmes

Iganga High School administration is committed to the career and professional development of our staff. Seminar workshops and visits are organized to enable them improve on the teaching and learning processes of the students.

We are grateful to the administrations of St Gonzaga Budini Secondary School, Kaliro; St Joseph Secondary School, Nagalama Mukono; Makarere College School, Kampala; and Bishops Secondary School, Mukono that allowed us interaction, benchmarking and visits by some of our staff.

We are also encouraging our staff to advance in computer literacy and applications as well as undertaking further studies.