STIR education network meetings ever held at Iganga High school

As one of the new strategies that the ministry of education, sports and technology brought in, Iganga high school has been one of the strong instrumental schools in Eastern and the whole Uganda in implementing the program of STIR education network meetings.

At Iganga High school, a lot is always shared whereby the Deputy headteacher in charge of Academics mr.Nabongho Simon Peterkin takes a central stage. Mr.Nabongho Simon PeterKin,Mr.Tigawalana Eriot, Mr. Muwayi Abdul under the guidance of the Strong man Mr.Waiswa BenGodfrey always drive the the entire school staff. New strategies have been laid down as far as improving the teaching and learning environment is concerned.Encouragement to the teaching and support staff has been done to have all this effectively implemented.

Our school motto: We struggle for progress

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