The Straight Talk Club

Is it a straight line of words coming from the mouth? No! It is all about talking the truth about issues affecting the health of adolescents in school.

Adolescents are children in their rapid physical, mental, psychological and spiritual development. Along the road of development in such aspects, they are faced with ‘monsters’ like HIV/AIDS, syphilis, candida, gonorrhea, rape, defilement, early/unwanted pregnancies, early marriages, abortions, among others.

To clear those monsters out of their way, the patron of the Straight Talk club must be emphatic and very ready to open up, thus, talk the truth. The adolescents reciprocate by opening up also, and the patron now plays the central role of guiding and counseling them accordingly.

In this regurd, we are grateful for the publishers of the Straight talk Newsletter and for considering Iganga High School for a periodic dispatch from Kampala. With the help of teachers, the periodical has helped our students by exposing them to useful information.

If the challenges are addressed appropriately – and indeed they are in our school, no doubt, we shall have many staying alive and healthy, and completing their studies to become responsible citizens in this great country.

Straight Talk – Keeping Adolescents Safe