What the past and future

It is believed that nothing is impossible when God is with you,it was on 11th/06/2017 When Our dear headteacher “called Eastern Role Model Headteacher Mr.Waiswa Ben Godfrey that he was invited and attended a two weeks conference in Australia which was on “THE EVOLUTION OF UGANDA’S ASSESSMENT AND EXAMINATION SYSTEM- CURRENT AND FUTURE PROSPECTS”

  • It was discussed in details about the curriculum make up/ composition

–curriculum management at National ,Regional and school levels

–Curriculum reforms/ changes and how often

–The curriculum and national goals

–A top class principal

–How to ensure high levels of professional competence and training.

  • How skilling learners is integrated with Academics and the curriculum

–The education system and learners with difficulty in learning.Dealing with school dropout or usefulness of slow learners.

The nature of counselling ,addressing and handling diligence

among others were discussed.

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