Word from Chairperson P.T.A

Word from Chairperson P.T.A

On behalf of the P.T.A Executive of this great institution, I extend heartfelt greetings to the Iganga High School fraternity and the surrounding community. Thank you for loving your school. In a special way, I appreciate our parents for choosing Iganga High School and supporting their children, especially in fees payment. The P.T.A Executive is grateful to the school administration and staff for the dedicated service that has seen us reach where we are. The central government is equally applauded for supporting the school in paying salaries to teachers on its payroll and providing a conducive atmosphere for all education programmes.

It is worth noting that all that has been achieved clearly manifests the selfless service, visionary leadership and unity. We therefore only welcome progressive force not retrogressive one.

Dear parents, it is your full responsibility to nurture, educate and take care of your own children. You are simply playing your role not doing a favour to the child you produced. Other regions have surpassed us in education because they appreciate the fact that once you produce a child, you must prepare him for a meaningful future. I am happy that many of you have this conscience as evidence in the timely payment of fees. Failure to pay school dues does not only interfere with the child’s concentration but also curtail the implementation of school programmes.

May advice to young people is that you have to obey your parents and guardians if you are to benefit from them. This is a natural law in all holy books, therefore any attempt to reverse it leads to suffering. You should not expect love and care from your parent when you have formed a parallel government in the home.

We are appreciative to the Iganga Local government officials who support Iganga High School in its struggle to promote quality education. However, we remind the municipal council leadership that Iganga High is a government aided school meant to enjoy all support, guidance and care from local government. Therefore there is no need to create incongruity with the school administration. We all need to water the tree that is providing the most comfortable shade in the district.

I lastly welcome all new parents and children to Iganga High School. I wish all stakeholders, Iganga district and Uganda at large peace, stability and prosperity.

 For Go and my Country.

Hajji Walubi Abubaker

Chairperson P.T.A

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