When you are heading for victory, always follow your nose. Never mind the roughness of the road you are moving on. If you are aiming at victory, remember there is a speed hump called failure, red light called family, loopholes called confusion and distracters called poachers. But if you have an engine called perseverance and God / Allah is your director, you will ultimately succeed.  Whence always struggle for progress!

Iganga High School is set for greater horizons in Uganda’s Education system.

Dear Readers!

Over the past decade, the schools’ administration, P.T.A and B.O.G of Iganga High School have tirelessly struggled for the schools academic progress. Under the able leadership of the head teacher; an optimistic and result oriented manager, the school has strategically embraced and implemented some of the Ministry of Education policies namely, Sesemat and Stir in its endeavors to continuously improve the school academic standards. As we prepare learners for the 21st Century, educationists throughout the country must be mindful of the demands the forth coming century verses ICT integration in effective learning so that teachers allover orientate their delivery methods to enhance effective learning.

“The school is up for grab by massive enrolment from all parts of Uganda. Despite the urban location with many environment interference, the school has been able to instill morals, spiritual growth and discipline among the students. School management has strongly recommended holistic Education so as to take care of human intellectual, spiritual and social dimensions of student life. Students retained at Iganga High School should be unique and on mission to self realization.

Character formation involves the education of conscience and the ability to make deliberations and choices that distinguish the human person from all other beings.

Boethuis defines a person as “one undivided in itself and separated from all others”

Human formation therefore becomes the formation of personality. In order to form a personality, we need a second aspect of education union as intellectual formation. The person becomes the subject and not the object of education. This is because the subject has a relational capacity ordered to the education to be received.

The intellectual formation is very important in producing an integral person because it helps first in making good and informed choices for the life, and not just passing examinations. As educators, we must learn and avoid the error of utilitarian system of education, basing on the fact that human person is a rational being with two fundamental faculties of reason and will. Intellectual formation should be the polishing of good understanding of freedom and intellectual creativity. Holistic education therefore should aim at producing not just an intelligent person but also a wise one.

 The difference between intelligence and wisdom lies in the ability to know how things should be done rather than knowing how and why things are done the way they are done.

“You are wise only when you know what to put in and out of the baggage of life” The third dimension of our holistic education is spiritual formation that takes care of the internal formation of the human person. That is why at Iganga High School we treasure freedom of worship being a community school.

Finally, dear readers, Iganga High School offers social education through health talks by senior teachers as well as on weekly assemblies. Aristotle, the great philosopher already in antiquity defined the human person as “a social being”. Apart from being born in society, every child comes from a social context of a family and therefore needs to be educated to live in harmony and tranquility with others. At Iganga High School, our education aims at producing children with character to live with others. Children who are able to appreciate the differences that exist in our society. This is actually the best of holistic education, when society is able to live in unity and diversity without compromising youths and values.

God bless you as you meditate about this article by Nabongo Simon Peterkin.

Nabongo Simon Peterkin

Deputy Head teacher – Academics

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